Battle Droid
Product Info
Manufacturer Hasbro
Scale 3¾ inches
MN 87241
Asst 87500
Character (1) Super Battle Droid
Model B2-series (Super)
Maker Baktoid Combat Automata
Collection 1
The 30th Anniversary Collection
Super Battle Droid (87241) F
Collection The 30th Anniversary Collection
Series Revenge of the Sith
Year 2007
Wave 1
Price $6.99
Number 08
PN 6606720900
UPC 6 53569 19886 4


The 30th Anniversary Collection
Super Battle Droid (87241) R
The 30th Anniversary Collection
Super Battle Droid (87241) Z

Super Battle Droid was a figure released in 2007, part of The 30th Anniversary Collection.

Cardback Biography

Super Battle Droid
MODEL Combat droid manufactured by Baktoid Combat Automata
STATUS In the service of the Trade Federation
WEAPON OF CHOICE Built-in arm blaster
CHARACTERISTICS Fearless, tireless and with only rudimentary programming
After the introduction of the massive clone army, the Trade Federation revisits the design of its battle droids and decides that a slightly smarter, more independent and more heavily armed droid is needed. The result is the much more powerful and deadly super battle droid.

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