R4-M9 (10232)
Product Info
Manufacturer Hasbro
Scale 3¾ inches
MN 10232
Character (1) R4-M9
Model R4-series
Maker Industrial Automaton
Collection 1
Star Tours
R4-M9 (10232) F
Collection Star Tours
Year 2002
Wave 2
Price $10.00
PN 6155820000
UPC 0 76930 10232 8
Exclusive To Disney
Star Tours
R4-M9 (10232) R

R4-M9 was a figure released in 2002, part of the Star Tours collection.

Cardback Biography

The fate of the Star Wars
universe is in your hands!
Whenever your plans call for
intergalactic transport, call on
STAR TOURS for state of the art
travel excitement! Tour the
galaxy aboard the STARSPEEDER
3000, the most advanced
transport vessel of its kind,
and experience the expertise
of the sector's newest and most
reliable Droid pilots! Reservations
are limited, so book your
STAR TOURS adventure today!

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