Product Info
Manufacturer Kenner
Scale 3¾ inches
MN 93610
Asst None
Ship (1) Endor Forest Ranger
Model Forest Ranger
Maker Kuat Drive Yards
Collection 1
Return of the Jedi
Endor Forest Ranger Vehicle (93610)
Collection Return of the Jedi
Series Mini-Rig
Year 1984
PN None
UPC 0 76281 93910

Catalog Description

Now there are two great new vehicles in the MINI-RIGS collection. The new ENDOR FOREST RANGER is a vehicle designed for maneuvering through the heavily wooded forests of ENDOR. Its unique gravity controlled cockpit holds one STAR WARS figure and even if you "fly" the ENDOR FOREST RANGER upside-down the cockpit will always be "right-side-up." The ENDOR FOREST RANGER also has manually operated landing gear and laser cannon wings that spin for spiraling firing action.

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