Dud Bolt
& Mars Guo
Product Info
Manufacturer Hasbro
Scale 3¾ inches
MN 87086
Asst 85770
Character (1) Bolt, Dud
Character (2) Guo, Mars
Collection 1
The Saga Collection
Collection The Saga Collection
Series Battle of Naboo
Year 2006
Wave 8
Price $6.99
Number SAGA 051
PN 6495804300
UPC 6 53569 14742 8
  • Display Stand
  • Holographic

Dud Bolt & Mars Guo was a figure released in 2006, part of The Saga Collection.

Cardback Biography

Dud Bolt & Mars Guo
GOAL Win the Boonta Eve Classic
BOTH Never Finish
VEHICLES Podracers
Tatooine Podrace

These two prodigiously snouted racers compete in the same podrace in which Anakin Skywalker wins his freedom from slavery. Dud Bolt, a shameless toady, is actually paid by the nefarious Sebulba to cause accidents during the race – a job that lands him in a Mos Espa med center. Mars Guo falls victim to Sebulba's own treachery when the cheating Dud pitches a chunk of debris into his engine intake.