Dash Rendar
Heavy Weapons Pack
Dash Rendar (69561) P
Product Info
Manufacturer Hasbro
Scale 3¾ inches
MN 69561
Asst 69605
Character (1) Rendar, Dash
Collection 1
Power of the Force II
Dash Rendar (69561) .00 F
Collection Power of the Force II
Series Shadows of the Empire
Year 1996
Price $4.79
PN 531616.00
UPC 0 76281 69561 7
  • Blaster
  • Heavy Weapons
Power of the Force II
Dash Rendar (69561) .00 R

Dash Rendar with Heavy Weapons Pack was a figure released in 1996, part of the Power of the Force II collection.

Cardback Biography

Dash Rendar
HEIGHT 1.8 Meters
STATUS Smuggler, Pilot, Mercenary
     In all the galaxy there are few who can fly and shoot like Dash Rendar. Many years ago, as a cadet at the Imperial Academy, he continually impressed his superiors with the ability to push vessels beyond their usual limits, executing maneuvers his ships were never meant to perform. He held great promise as a future Imperial officer until a freight vessel piloted by his brother malfunctioned and crashed on Coruscant, destroying a private museum that housed many of the Emperor's treasures. Though the mishap was not the pilot's fault, the Emperor banished Rendar's family and had Dash expelled from the academy. Given his bold disregard for regulation and arrogant confidence, it is doubtful that Dash would have fit in well within the ranks of the Empire anyway. He never hesitates to boast of his skills as an expert pilot and gunner. After his dismissal from the academy, he began a career as a thief and gambler, but soon discovered that his exceptional flying skills were a great asset in the smuggling business. He quickly became very successful, making his services expensive but guaranteed for the right price.

     Rendar flew a snowspeeder as a mercenary during the Battle of Hoth, and Princess Leia later hired him to protect Luke Skywalker from the dark Prince Xizor's ruthless bounty hunters. He played a significant role in the effort to overcome Xizor by destroying numerous Black Sun starships with his state of the art Outrider starfighter. With Rendar at the helm, the vessel is one of the quickest and most fearsome fighting machines in the galaxy.

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