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Product Info
Manufacturer Hasbro
Scale 3¾ inches
MN 85805
Asst 85770
Character (1) Chewbacca
Collection 1
The Saga Collection
SAGA 005 Chewbacca (85805) F
Collection The Saga Collection
Series Battle of Carkoon
Year 2006
Wave 1
Price $6.99
Number SAGA 005
PN 6495800500
UPC 6 53569 08590 4
  • Display Stand
  • Holographic
The Saga Collection
SAGA 005 Chewbacca (85805) R
The Saga Collection
SAGA 005 Chewbacca (85805) Z

Chewbacca was a figure released in 2006, part of The Saga Collection.

Cardback Biography

"CAPTURED" BY Boushh, The Bounty Hunter
SOLD TO JABBA FOR 35,000 Credits
SAVES HAN FROM Sarlacc's Digestive System
Battle of Carkoon

The mighty Chewbacca has been "captured" and taken to Jabba's Palace. Jabba quickly realizes that his capture is a mere ploy to free Han Solo from carbonite. Jabba orders Chewbacca and his friends to be executed, but Luke Skywalker has other plans. Chewbacca helps his friends defeat Jabba and saves Han and Lando Calrissian from their doom, proving once again that he is a fearless Wookiee warrior!

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