(Bounty Hunter)
Bossk (Bounty Hunter) (39760) P
Product Info
Manufacturer Kenner
Scale 3¾ inches
MN 39760
Asst 69360
Character (1) Bossk
Collection 1
The Empire Strikes Back
Bossk (Bounty Hunter) (39760)
Collection The Empire Strikes Back
Year 1982
Wave Repack
Price $2.49
UPC 76281 39760
Collection 2
Return of the Jedi
Bossk (Bounty Hunter) (39760) v3 F
Collection Return of the Jedi
Year 1983
Wave Repack
Price $2.99
UPC 76281 39760
Collection 3
Power of the Force
Collection Power of the Force
Year 1985
Wave Repack
Price $2.99
UPC 76281 39760

Bossk Rifle


Bossk (Bounty Hunter) was initially released as the "Secret Figure" mail-away offer on the first three waves of The Empire Strikes Back figures in 1980. It was released to stores in 1982.

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